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凤凰网游戏平台[Important Message] The name change notification of Hebei Huamei Chemicals and B


凤凰网游戏平台 (Large)Registered within change word(2016)NO.516


Huamei Saving-energy Technology Group Co., LTD :

After examination, for the submitted registration application of change in name (the original name” Hebei Huamei Chemicals and Building Materials Group Co., Ltd.”, changed name “Huemei Saving-energy Technology Group Co., LTD.”, the application materials are complete, in line with the legal form. Therefore, we decided to permit  registration of change. We will notify your company renew the business license in five workings.

                                         July 1st, 2016


This notice applies to the registration of name modification of company, non-corporate enterprises, branch offices, other business units. The company deal the relevant procedures with this notice, and the registration authority will not issue the registration certificate of business name modification.

Related person:


凤凰网游戏平台 Thanks for your love and concern to "Hebei Huamei Chemicals and Building Materials Group Co., LTD." for a long time. With the growing scale of our company, in order to meet the needs of the market and the company's development strategy, and more appropriate to reflect the industry and property of the company's products, our company name, approved by the State Administration for Industry and Commerce, has been changed from "Hebei Huamei Chemicals and Building Materials Group Co., LTD." into "Huemei Saving-energy Technology Group Co., LTD." on August 1, 2016.

凤凰网游戏平台 After changed its name, our company’s other thing remains the same,such as legal person, the original scope of business, company address, personnel and telephone number. For consulting the detailed information, please contact “Huamei Group” Sales Department or related departments.

We sincerely apologize for any inconvenience caused to you.

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